Jasper in Deadland - Agnes Lyrics

A thrilling musical from Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster
Jasper in Deadland The Musical - Agnes Lyrics

Bad! So bad! (to each of the heads.)
Such a bad, bad, bad dog!!

(It’s kryptonite for any self-respecting pup. Jasper advances as the dog retreats.)

Just ‘cuz you’re giant,
‘n snakes sprout from your butt,
Doesn’t give you the right to deny me.
I’m small, but defiant—
And pooch, I’ll tell you what,
Tell you my plight, tell you “why me?”

Now, sit, stay, or play dead—
But listen…
Listen to this testimony by me.

(spoken) I’m here for agnes. Because a person shouldn’t go through life without a friend,
and she’s the only one i’ve got. Life’s not done with her, pooch, and I’m gonna get her back to it!

Agnes is my best friend.
Agnes is my one chance at a date to the prom (quoth my mom).

Plus agnes failed clark’s test last week,
She needs a “d.”
Seems to me, agnes won’t graduate
At this rate.

But agnes can’t be alone for a second. She needs constant attention.

Look: Agnes swears she’s half-vampire
From a botched attempt.
I know, I know, but agnes won’t lie,
Which proves that agnes can’t die.
So life needs agnes, slacker agnes, needy agnes,
My best friend.

Rahk rahk rahk rahk!!!!

Okay okay okay here it is!

Agnes called us soulmates,
And soulmates is what we were.
I promised that to her this one day.
The last day…
It feels like only yesterday…

Agnes loved the creek behind the fence.
We’d pin her barbies to the rock
And break their barbie heads.
But agnes couldn’t speak, her face turned tense
When I caught that copper water snake
Crawling up her keds,
Crawling up her shorts,
Crawling up her shirt
That little squirt, he
Bit her on her shoulder
Everything got colder
On the boulder, there we fell, and i told her:

“Agnes, don’t leave me alone for a second.
You’ve got all my attention…”
Then all my world went white,
And all was light—!

Agnes stayed held in my arms.
There I made death a trade,
For my soul to consign: hers for mine.

‘Cause agnes is my best friend
Agnes is why I come, and why I’m not turning back,
I won’t turn back to the black—
Without agnes, immortal agnes, my friend agnes,
My best friend!

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