Jasper in Deadland - Deadland Welcome/Tour Song /Jasper in Deadland Lyrics

A thrilling musical from Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster
Jasper in Deadland The Musical - Deadland Welcome / Tour Song / Jasper in Deadland Lyrics

[MR. LETHE] Welcome to Deadland
You're here in city circle
Welcome (Welcome) to Deadland (Deadland)
Get to know me, Mr. Lethe

Citizens of city circle, this is your friendly Mr. Lethe reminding you to stay hydrated.
Water from the river Lethe is scientifically proven
to keep you feelin' nice and bright all day long.
And considering time is all relative: a day's a year, a decade's a second,
consider that promise as good as eternity, 'cause don't forget:

[LETHE’S GIRLS] Lethe is more

[GRETCHEN] Now is the awesome part of the tour
Cool shit that never made the lame brochure
Brought to you free by your awesome guide me
But tips are appreciated and
I'm talking cold hard cash folks not me lifting up my shirt for five seconds Randy

[RANDY] Sorry

[GRETCHEN] Now on your right is the famed clock tower (Oooh)
Note that the hands don't tell the hour (Ahhh)
While we're convening here time has no meaning here
You're dead forever and you'll never see your kids again which is OK 'cause kids suck

[JASPER] Excuse me? Hi, um, Gretchen? You see I'm still alive and
I'm looking for a friend of mine and she may be alive too. I think we're here by mistake.

[GRETCHEN] Here: take a map. Goodbye.

[JASPER] Wait!

[PAPERBOY] Extra! Extra! Living boy turns city upside down!
If he touches you, you'll remember the life you've forgotten!

Jasper in Deadland
[INFORMED CITIZEN #1] A living soul among us?
[PAPERBOY] Jasper in Deadland
[INFORMED CITIZEN #1] Live teen embarks on quest
[INFORMED CITIZEN #2] For a best friend, he calls Agnes
She's lost, he's here,
[BOTH] I’m obsessed!
With Jasper in Deadland
[PAPERBOY] Buy a copy, read the rest

[JASPER] Uh, 'scuse me sir, can you help me?

[HAROLD] Yow! Irma the club girl!

[IRMA] Happy 21st birthday Harold!

[HAROLD] I'd forgotten all about her!

[IRMA] It's 2 dollars for a lap dance, and then, oh! 5 dollars for a toe suck.

[HAROLD] Aw kid, I don't know how you did that,
but thanks for givin' this old self somethin' he'd like to remember! Gee!

[TABLOID GIRL #1] That’s Jasper in Deadland!
[TABLOID GIRL #2] Like a flippin' cover story!
[INFORMED CITIZEN #2] It's Jasper (Shhh!) in Deadland
[TABLOID GIRL #1] He's cuter than his pic
[INFORMED CITIZEN #2] If he can't find this girl Agnes
[BOTH] I bet I could do the trick
[TABLOID GIRL #2] Hey Jasper in Deadland
[Spoken] Can I touch you hair?
Valedictorian! What a miss for Jessica
It's just a pity that poor Charles fell down those stairs
But I always believed that you were meant to be the top of your class
Mazel Tov, oh!

She's sick.

[ABIGAIL ACRIMONE] This is Abigail Acrimone, for Deadline News.
We're here with the boy everyone's talking about, living boy Jasper!
Welcome, Jasper your touch makes dead citizens recall memories of forgotten lives,
destroying the delicate line between life and death. How does it feel to be a monster?

[JASPER] What?

[ABIGAIL ACRIMONE] Metaphysicist, Dr. Raul Espinato explains:

[DR. ESPINATO] It's true Abigail!
From simply touching the living boy, we may get a flashy of our life.

Yasper in Deadland
Makes a curious combination
While Yasper's in Deadland
We may find lines get blurred
As his life force throbs among us
The life we forgot will be stirred
[CITIZENS] Our lives will be stirred!

[ABIGAIL ACRIMONE] So Jasper's wrecking Deadland

[JASPER] I'm what?

[ABIGAIL ACRIMONE] That's what we heard.

Jasper tell Deadland
You mean to resurrect us
[REPORTER] Here Jasper
[REPORTER] How is it you affect us?
[ABIGAIL ACRIMONE] Hey kid, I’m here, hello?
[TABLOID GIRL #1] Jasper
[TABLOID GIRL #2] Jasper
[PAPERBOY] In Deadland
[TABLOID GIRL #1] It's me Agnes
[ABIGAIL ACRIMONE] Are you scared?
[PAPERBOY] It’s Jasper in Deadland
[ABIGAIL ACRIMONE] Are you hopeless?
[TABLOID GIRLS] I’m Agnes, You’re my bro!

[ALL] Every moment Jasper's near us
The life we forgot comes unrolled

[INFORMED CITIZEN #2] Touch me Jasper! Touch me!
[ABIGAIL ACRIMONE] Well good luck! Jasper in Deadland, thanks so much.
Where'd he go?

[Thanks to Ryan Cutler for lyrics]

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