Thanks To Her (Reprise) Lyrics

Musical by Ellen Schwartz and Laura I. Kramer
A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical - Thanks To Her (Reprise) Lyrics

So she hounds you with her questions
About things that make you nuts

HARRY (spoken)
Did you see her shirt?

Then she gives you these assignments
Where she thinks you’ll spill your guts

HARRY (spoken)
I’m thinking, no, it can’t be. Maybe it’s just a design. Maybe she don’t know from this.

But you’re a senior citizen, to you she should defer

HARRY (spoken)
What, does she think I’m blind as well as old, I can’t see what’s in front of my nose?
Or maybe I don’t remember such things?

Instead you’re getting nightmares, screaming
Thanks to—

HARRY (spoken)

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Thanks To Her (Reprise) lyrics from A Letter to Harvey Milk

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