No One'll Do For You Lyrics

Musical by Ellen Schwartz and Laura I. Kramer
A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical - No One'll Do For You Lyrics

I may not know from politics, philosophy or art
But as an alte kocker, i got lessons to impart
You’re much too thin, observe your skin
It’s not a normal color
I’ll bet you think you’ve had a meal
With one half-eaten cruller

HARVEY (spoken):
Please, it’s a sourdough bialy!

When my dear frannie sees your face
She’ll know from just one look
“he doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t eat
He’s gotta learn to cook!”

(spoken) You’re gonna save the world,
but who’s gonna take care of you?

Take it from me, kid, this is the emmes
No one’ll do for you
You gotta learn to do for yourself
‘Cause as you get older
Life turns the cold shoulder
No one’ll care what clothes you wear
Or if your schlong is turning blue
Don’t be a schnook, start by learning how to cook
Go buy yourself a book or two

Take it from me, kid, I wouldn’t kid ya
No one’ll do for you
One day they love ya, the next day they shove ya
You’re gay and a jew; oy vey, that’s strike two!
If you want a hit, you gotta stay fit
You need to feed the body to survive
Be the next yankee clipper
Don’t fast this yom kippur
You’ll need your strength to stay alive.

(spoken) And don’t forget exercise!
And waving from on top of a car in the Gay Freedom
Day Parade is not what I’m talking.

(HARRY grabs HARVEY and pulls him into a dance, as HE sings)
I’m talking...
Eat a little something
Take a little time off

Stop and smell the roses
Do a little dance
Time goes by too quickly
So if you're too sickly
You'll schlep behind a walker
While a nurse pulls up your pants

(spoken) So eat already!

HARVEY (spoken):
No time.

HARRY (spoken):
Even Rabbi Hillel had time for a sandwich! And like he said,
“If I am not for myself, who will be for me?”

HARVEY (spoken):
Ah, but he also said, “And if I am only for myself, who am I?”

HARRY (spoken)
Whoever you are, you’re starving.

HARVEY (spoken)
And Hillel finished with, “If not now, when?"

HARRY (spoken)
How should I know? Eat!

HARVEY (spoken)
I will if you’ll sign the petition! It’s for the future!

HARRY (sings)
You got a future if you learn how to chew
Just watch my mouth so you will know what to do
And do for yourself, son, ‘cause no one

BOTH (sings)
No one’ll do for you!

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